Contactless guest registration

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Example registration

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone or open the link directly and give the contactless, paperless registration a try.

For Guests

As a guest, you are tired of wasting a piece of paper with every visit, just to leave your name and contact options. Zierhut IT helps companies to digitize this process, keep the data compliant and safely stored and to ensure that you as a guest are fully granted your data protection rights. You also have the advantage that after using our contactless guest registration for the first time, you do not have to enter your data every time. From the second entry, a scan of the QR code and the push of a button is already enough.

For Business Owners

As a company with required guest registration, it is very difficult to follow all the regulations in the current time and still keep order in the stacks of paper and not violate the data protection regulations. In order not to lose track of all this data, we offer you a software solution for this free of charge. We keep all the collected data safe and legally stored for you, inform your guests about your rights regarding data protection and, upon request, contact the relevant authorities to find possible contacts.

For Developers

This project is open source and you can review it. We welcome Pull Requests, new ideas and other requests.
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Contact Us

You can contact us at the email address You can also find more contact options on our website We are happy to help you with your questions and the implementation of a contactless guest registration.